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Welcome to iGP Forums!
Welcome to iGP Forums!

Our forums are a way to keep everyone connected on every side.

We do have a connection between other people, but we also use this as a way to post updates, and much more.

You can try to:

  • Ask us a question
  • Tell us a bug on our operating systems (We will squash them)
  • Post us some suggestions
  • Become a tester (Starts later on)
  • Become a developer (Requires Lua Coding skills) (Apply now at the Dev applications topic)


Status on certain positions:

Development Status: Development started...

Tester Status: Testing starts soon...


Submit your project for the OS (also add a group for the iGP App Store if you want)

Click here to submit your project!


Waiting on tester applications now!

We are now applying for tester applications. Click the button below to start applying.

iGP Update

iGP OS Progress Update

Progress, so far.

Right now, before I hand installers out to testers, (some can use the emulator which is right up my alley, here's one, if it doesn't work go here [might not work properly].) I have to get some... (More)

Battle with fierce with this competition!

Enter now by replying to this discussion point.

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